What do you want to know about managing stress?

People do one of two things when I tell them I'm a psychologist: get really uncomfortable and say "oh no, you're analyzing me!" OR ask a question.

The questions cover everything from "Is it normal for me to ..." to "how do I cope with ..." to "what should I do about ...?"

For months I've been filing those questions away in my head so I can create the best course possible to help you manage stress, thrive at work and at home, and be as resilient as possible.

And that's where you come in.

As I'm finishing up the content for the my stress management course, I need to know what you need to know.

Please use the form below to tell me what you want to know about stress, resilience, and thriving in humanitarian work. What are the big (and not so big) concerns you have about stress? What do you want to learn? What are the hardest parts of your work and your life? How does stress impact you now? And for bonus points, tell me how you want to feel instead. I promise I won't analyze you!

For bonus bonus points, please share this post with other humanitarians.

Photo Credit: Amy McTigue via Compfight cc